Graham Beck The Curator Ipad

How Design Can Influence Your Business

The design industry is a constantly evolving landscape where trends …
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Arlax Logo

Here’s Why Branding Plays Such an Important Role in UI

We’ve worked with clients across the board and we’ve learnt …
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Enhance Financial Partners Logo Design Breakdown

Logo vs. Brand – What Is The Difference?

A logo and a brand are often thought to be …
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Adara Brand Identity Design

Why Your Start-Up Business Needs A Professional Brand Identity

A brand identity is the way a business portrays itself …
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Arlax Mobile User Interface

Mobile User Interface Design Trends For 2019

User interface is the look and feel of a brand …
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Kambaku Lodge Mobile Website

Why Branding Is Key To User Interface Design

Firstly, what is branding and user interface (UI) design? Branding …
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Lilayi Lodge Logo Before & After

How A Rebrand Will Increase Your Profits

As you know rebranding is the changing of the corporate …
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Arlax Explainer Video

10 Reasons Why An Explainer Video Will Boost Your Business

An explainer video is an audio-visual marketing tool that explains your services …
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Kambaku Logo Old vs New

Why Your Company Needs A Rebrand

Rebranding is essentially the changing of an organisation’s image. This …
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Arlax Digital

5 Web Design Tips To Improve Your SEO

In an ever-changing and fast past environment it is challenging …
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Afro Digital

7 Tips To Great User Interface Design

1. Clarity
Ensure that icons and interface elements clearly communicate their …
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Somerset Lakes

Video Is Key To Your Marketing Efforts

Take the lead on marketing strategies and engage more with your audiences by creating branded video content.
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Enhance Logo

5 Ways a Rebrand Will Grow Your Business

Grow your business with these five rebranding tips.
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Africa Cafe3

The Africa Café

The Africa Café is the epitome of authentic African cuisine …
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Charango dish

Foodie Friday: Charango

Charango offers stunning Peruvian food in an atmospheric setting.
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Vital mailer

Brand Infographics and UI design

One of the most distinctive trends in the design world in the past few years has been the flourishing world of infographics.
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Max's Bagels

Foodie Friday: Max Bagels

Max’s Bagels is a perennial local favourite at Pure, as the best place to get proper New York-style bagels in the city.
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Virtual reality

Branding in a VR and AI world

The future is now – brands are already be starting to embrace virtual reality as a key marketing tool.
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De Oude

Foodie Friday: Devil’s Peak De Oude

Situated in the restored 1677 heritage building De Oude Welgemoed, Devil’s Peak de Oude is quite the affair.
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Branding graphic

Multi-channel brand marketing

How embracing a multitude of mediums and new content approaches is essential in the future.
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Foodie Friday: Cabron Taco Bar

Taco Cabron on Bree Street offers a delicious selection of Mexican-themed street foods and beverages.
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Somerset West Journal

Somerset Lakes: Helping a property company flourish

Pure Creative turned a property estate into a top-seller.
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The Cousins Trattoria

It doesn’t get more authentic than The Cousins Trattoria. Why it’s our destination for an Italian food fix.
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Traits of a great website

Every business needs a website these days – Pure can guide you on how.
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Foodie Friday: Roast & Co

We check out the choice chicken from new neighbourhood eatery Roast & Co.
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Branding trends 2018: branded content marketing

Exploring the popular marketing phenomenon.
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web design article

Why you need a real website

When it comes to designing a website, there are more shortcuts out there than ever before.
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Foodie Friday: IYO Burgers

What’s the difference between a regular burger and an IYO burger?
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Il Leone restaurant

Foodie Friday: Il Leone Mastrantonio

Founded in 1996, Il Leone Mastrantonio is a must for any Italian cuisine enthusiast.
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Creative boardroom

Creativity in business

While we specialise in creative collateral, we think that creative thinking can be beneficial to any company.
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Foodie Friday: Chefs Warehouse & Canteen

Chefs Warehouse & Canteen approaches modern dining through a refreshing lens of unpredictability.
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Retro Branding Prang Water Colors

The history of branding

Where did branding come from anyway? The act of branding something has evolved over hundreds of years.
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Open Design Festival

Open Design is a 12-day city-wide festival that attracts diverse participants.
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Rendezvous cover

Rendezvous Magazine

Rendezvous is a bespoke publication that Pure Creative created for luxury company Nala Swiss.
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Foodie Friday: Savoy Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage restaurant and champagne bar is a comfortable staple in the CBD.
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Foodie Friday: La Mouette

La Mouette French restaurant might make your jaw drop to the floor.
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Foodie Friday: Loaves on Long

Loaves on Long offers authentic coffees and delicious bread products on Long Street.
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Designed for business

Good design is essential to success. Pure Creative knows how to boost your business using design.
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Foodie Friday: Kloof Street House

Kloof Street House offers an atmospheric and appetising dining experience.
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What’s in a logo?

Your logo is basically a graphic representation of your company’s identity.
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Concerto covers

Why your business needs a magazine

The heart of content marketing still lies in custom publishing. See how a magazine can work for your business.
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Foodie Friday: Hokey Poké

Cape Town continues to be on top of international cuisine with this healthy edition.
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Choosing a design agency

Think about your business’ aims and goals. What do you want to achieve?
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Foodie Friday: Ash Restaurant

With a combination of creative flavours and the best meat, Ash is a must for all meat-lovers.
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Rebranding a branding agency

Your own branding says a lot about your capabilities as a creative agency.
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Liquid inspiration

Liquid inspiration

Fluidity is creating a kaleidoscope of conceptual and practical possibility for design.
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Li Edelkoort at Design Indaba

Li Edelkoort at Design Indaba

Li Edelkoort’s talk at the recent Design Indaba was focused on transitions.
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Foodie Friday: El Burro Newlands

What a relief that a new branch of El Burro is open for business in Newlands.
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Captivated cover

Captivated: The Shimansky Publication

We were commissioned to create a branded magazine for Shimansky.
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Changing the way we look at colour

Branding means a whole lot more than a logo design; it’s creating a corporate identity.
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The Sneaky Sausage

Foodie Friday: The Sneaky Sausage

Working on one of the trendiest European-lookalike streets in Cape Town has its perks.
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Somerset west journal cover issue 2

The Somerset West Journal Issue 2

The publication explores all there is to do in and around the thriving town.
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Meet the team: Jackie Lampard

We ask our new deputy art director a few questions about her experience in the world of design.
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Concerto cover

Meet the team: Eva Færch

We explore know how our talented in-house illustrator got into art and illustration.
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Packaging in 2017

Packaging is one of the most important tools for your brand’s identity.
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Collaboration and co-woking spaces

Collaboration and co-working spaces

Being surrounded by like-minded people in a creative space is a recipe for success.
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Digital magazine 3.0: made for mobile

The most progressive mobisites have adopted endless scroll within its responsive design.
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Pure social media fb

Trend talk: sCommerce in 2017

There is no denying social media platforms’ influence on our purchasing habits.
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Meet the team: Candice Nel

PURE Creative’s traffic-loving accounts manager is doing the greatest job.
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Are cinemagraphs the new video?

You have the visual injection of video, but without the dreaded play button.
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Being outdoors has never been so popular, so let’s just stop what we’re doing and embrace nature.
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Luxury brand marketing in the digital age

Digital has become an essential part of the luxury consumer’s life. Learn how digital helps luxury brands thrive.
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System fonts

Are system fonts making a comeback?

We got to hang out with graphic designer Christopher Chase about system fonts and brand identity.
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Year 2017

Entrepreneurs filling gaps in the 2017 market breaks it down for us with a special collection of content.
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Logo trends 2017

Where are logos going in the next 365 days?

This our area of expertise, so here is the forecast on what to expect.
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What does artificial intelligence mean for us?

Artificial intelligence is the substance of science fiction, but also the an aspiration for the future.
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Does metallic have a place in 2017 design?

We asked our deputy head art director if we can expect an increase in metallic foil versatility.
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Card design in 2017

How card design can help your website’s UX

Card designs were created to help websites transform to mobile technology.
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Video in social media marketing

H&M knows how video is an undeniable key strategy in today’s content marketing.
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Colours: Pantone’s palette awaits

Our designers put together mood boards for Pantone’s new colour releases.
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Meet the team: Jono Swanepoel

We sat down with Jono, our consulting creative and strategic director, to pick his brain.
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This is not a milk carton

The art of launching a new product

We give you five points on how to effectively launch a new product.
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Concerto issue 9

Concerto issue 9

The 9th issue of the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra’s biannual publication is here.
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Burger and Lobster

Foodie Friday: Burger & Lobster

With only three items on the food menu, your choice has almost been made for you.
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House of Machine

Foodie Friday: The House of Machines

Our favourite local hangout “The House” inhabits a historic workhouse on Shortmarket Street.
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Vital page

Leveraging the power of infographics

Infographics offer an opportunity to convey information in a visual way.
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What is a creative agency

What is a creative agency?

This question refers to identity as a core challenge of building a business.
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Somerset Lakes Journal issue 1 cover

The Somerset West Journal issue 1

The secure adventure lifestyle estate condensed into a new and exciting custom publication.
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Our editor’s top 5 travel picks: part 2

Intriguing destinations in Russia, Jordan, Spain, Indonesia and Italy make the second list.
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6 reasons for content marketing

We lend you some advice on how to expand your small company and build its reputation.
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Our editor’s top 5 travel picks: part 1

Japan, China, Scotland Morocco and India feature as the top spots.
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Pure products postcards

Get your Pure Products on

We share some thoughts on our love for simplicity, clean lines, and trendy designs.
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Who said magazines are dead?

The publishing world is still thriving. We provide a brief timeline on the history of magazine production.
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Foodie Friday: Skinny Legs and All

The menu is synonymous with gastronomic excellence, always offering something exciting and healthy.
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Mink & trout

Foodie Friday: Mink & Trout

Do you fancy a wine bar bistro adventure? Look no further.
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Delaire Graff Views

Views issue 3

Luxury wine estate and hotel in Stellenbosch, Delaire Graff Estate is the jewel of the Cape Winelands.
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Mobility Indaba

Mobility Indaba

Cape Town is set to host the Mobility Indaba at Kenilworth Racecourse.
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The worth of podcasts

Podcasts will never replace books, but it is a very effective way to stay informed.
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Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town

The Zeitz Museum is a revolutionary project and we can’t contain our excitement any longer.
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Joos joiners business cards

Business card design

We thought we’d give you a few tips and tricks on business card design.
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Meet the team: Tessa Green

Our art director, Tess, tells us about her favourite spots in this beautiful city.
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Inspiring book cover designs we love

Covers in the pursuit of capturing content and grabbing the reader’s attention.
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The 7 is here

A 5-point rundown on what you need to know about the release of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
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Pure Creative Agency

Pure Creative turns 10

It’s officially been a decade since PURE Creative first opened its doors.
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F-shaped pattern for reading web content

Want to know how 232 users looked at thousands of web pages?
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4 SEO and content marketing strategies

Local SEO has become more and more of a challenge for businesses.
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The transparency in advertising

With endless resources, the generation of now has never been more informed.
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Oculus content page

Content is king

When you communicate effectively, miracles start to materialise.
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Hotel royal

Cafe Royal Hotel tea

Pure Creative’s Andrew Burke met up with industry heavyweights Mark Southwood and David Lightman.
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Frontier Magazine issue 4

This installment examines the country’s biggest immigrant entrepreneurs.
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luxury tea

10 elements of luxury design

We present to you a few elements we’ve spotted re-occurring in luxury design.
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5 key elements of minimalist design

Minimalism’s modern incarnation uses these key design elements to create an impact.
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Responsive design is the way forward

Everything changes quickly in the internet age, and nothing more rapidly than web design itself.
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concerto cover

Trends in luxury design

We work with premium brands, so here are some luxury trends to keep a look out for.
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Delaire Graff wine

Wine and design

Design can enhance any brand, but in the wine world, there’s a particular need for it.
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Hawaiian coconut

Hawaiian Coconut website design

Emily Faulstich’s hands-on approach and keen eye for design encouraged a collaborative effort.
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