Frontier Magazine issue 4

This installment examines the country’s biggest immigrant entrepreneurs.
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luxury tea

10 elements of luxury design

We present to you a few elements we’ve spotted re-occurring in luxury design.
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5 key elements of minimalist design

Minimalism’s modern incarnation uses these key design elements to create an impact.
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Responsive design is the way forward

Everything changes quickly in the internet age, and nothing more rapidly than web design itself.
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concerto cover

Trends in luxury design

We work with premium brands, so here are some luxury trends to keep a look out for.
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Delaire Graff wine

Wine and design

Design can enhance any brand, but in the wine world, there’s a particular need for it.
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Hawaiian coconut

Hawaiian Coconut website design

Emily Faulstich’s hands-on approach and keen eye for design encouraged a collaborative effort.
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