12 Sep 2023

Relook Your Brand Strategy For 2024

It is essential to evolve your brand strategy with each new year. Your brand’s messaging should remain fresh and still resonate with your current target audience.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure your brand strategy is ready for the new year.

Keeping it authentic
Staying true to your brand’s values is one of the most important aspects that will differentiate your company from your competitors and lead consumers to action. Authenticity is a key quality that influences 86% of consumers purchasing decisions.

Next year is perfect timing to amplify your brand’s authenticity. This authenticity will show a clear connection between your community and what your brand stands for.

When reflecting on a recent experience as a consumer, one can truly feel the difference authenticity has. The last thing you as a customer wants is to feel that you are being milked for as much profit as possible. Instead, build personal relationships with your customers, get to know their needs and wants. Authenticity starts at the very first interaction between the company and client, which in most cases is online with the content we post and continues out to our real-world connections.

Make mobile first
Are your branding assets optimised for a mobile first world?

Despite the large increase in people engaging online with their mobile devices, the general web design trend is still to design for desktop first. Change your perspective and make your brand a mobile first brand. When designing for mobile experiences consider how your brand will look, feel and engage with the user.

First impressions are one of the most important interactions you will have with a client. In 2024 most of those encounters will happen over a mobile device. Think about how every aspect of your brand will be seen in the palm of a hand.

Humanizing content
Many companies tend to push SEO strategies, but emphasizing on keywords and specific phrases can often come across as sounding robotic and non-human.

Voice search is changing the way we interact with brands online. People aren’t searching the same way that they used to. Instead of typing out their question in a search engine, they are asking virtual AI assistants for answers. This results in the updates to search engines being more human-like. We can only expect this to become more relevant in 2024.

Updating your brand in order to work well with voice search is key to staying relevant in this climate that is constantly trying to bridge the gap between humans and machines.

Let PURE audit and update your brand strategy to start fresh in 2024. Email us on connect@purecreative.co.za to set up a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

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