1 Jun 2016

Wine and design

The Western Cape has one of the world’s most amazing wine regions, so it’s a no-brainer that high quality design should go hand-in-hand with premium wineries.

Design can enhance any brand, but in the wine world, there’s a particular need for it. For starters, a wine label says a lot about the winery on the shelf – whether it’s upmarket or cheep and cheerful, trendy and progressive or old world.

In South Africa, wine labels have become a showcase for beautiful design. For example, Iona winery in Elgin used two artists to create their design. The image on their label of a drummer boy was inspired by a sculpture by Bruce Arnott, which was graphically rendered beautifully on the bottle. Arra Vineyards has a label (pictured above) featuring ornate swirls and gold and silver foiling. Older wineries like Groot Constantia go with a more classical fonts and an illustrated image of the historic winery.

With their stunning settings and artisan products, wineries also have the potential to embrace a wide variety of marketing materials. Websites offer the opportunity to showcase scenic wineries with high-end photography, and allows a space to get more in-depth into the wines themselves.

A further extension of this is custom publications, allowing space to examine wineries in-depth, from the process of creating the wines to the history of the Estate. Pure Publishing has produced several bespoke publications of this nature for some of the finer wineries, such as Waterkloof the News Waterkloof Winery in Somerset West and Views for Delaire Graff Estate in Stellenbosch.

Contact Pure and we’ll help you express the beauty of your winery.

*Image credit – Delaire Graff Estate

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