21 Jul 2016

10 elements of luxury design

There are many visual cues that can be employed to create a sense of premium design, but in the graphic design world, there are specific elements that almost always contribute to giving something a premium feel.

Here are a few elements we see re-occurring in luxury design:

Use of space – Space itself is a luxury in design, whether it’s at a premium because of paper or web pages.

Metallic touchesA bit of gold or silver, courtesy of foiling, lend a very premium feel – but it must be paired with minimalist design to have the appropriate reverent sense of space included.

Custom typography – Certain fonts are best associated with luxury design, but creating a font from scratch can lend an air of true exclusivity.

Narrow fonts – Elegant elongated fonts tend to appear more premium.

Less is more – Premium websites, for example, often make use of a single large image and minimal copy.

Custom printing techniques – Size of paper, different types of inks, and more can contribute to a premium feel.

Subtle ornate features Ornate elements it must be tasteful and subdued, but ornate patterns subtly used can create a lush, elegant feel.

Geometrics – Logos, icons or background that use geometrical patterns look sophisticated and urban.

Paper – If the design is printed, high-grade paper can lend impact to a design.

Illustration – The handmade element is seen as a luxury these days – so illustrations such as these beautiful illustrations featuring design logos give a certain cache.

We love creating luxurious design here at Pure, have a look at our portfolio to find many of these elements.

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