6 Jul 2016

Responsive design is the way forward

Everything changes quickly in the internet age, and nothing more rapidly than web design itself.

The latest form of web design, responsive web design, is a truly inspired approach. It takes into account the way we lives our lives these days – with a myriad of devices from smartphones to tablets to everything in-between.

The world is going mobile – there are so many statistics out there to argue that a rapidly increasing number of people are accessing the internet through their mobiles. It used to be that web designers who wanted to make a website readable on portable devices would use something called adaptive design, which mean that separate designs would be done for each device it needed to display on.

Responsive design opens up a whole new world by making a website actually tailor itself to whichever device it is being used on. Pictures resize, columns adjust, and content remains readable.

There’s really little disadvantage to responsive design, other than that it can take longer to load a responsive web page. But to go responsive is really to stay ahead of the curve – and who wouldn’t want that?

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