27 Nov 2012

How to create valuable blog content

So, you’ve started a company blog. What are some of the most important aspects to be aware of while writing it?

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We’ve already posted on the importance of company blogs. Here are a few things to remember when writing yours:

Make it personal. Although the content of your blog is important, readers also like to know who you are, what you do and why you’re blogging. Keep this info short and concise (it’s not intended to elevate; merely to inform).

A good way to personalize your blog is to speak to your audience in singular form. Conversely, “I am looking forward to your response” instead of “we are looking forward to your response,” or worse “Our company is looking forward to your response,” Another example: “You can contact the undersigned for further information.” “Undersigned” is very impersonal. Better: “Want to know more? Contact me.”

The subject. It’s important that you follow your passion and write about things that are close to your heart. Only in this way can your really convince your readers and make them enthusiastic about your subject matter.

Also be aware of your audience. What keeps them busy? How can you help them?

The blog title. The title of your blog post is very important; it allows readers a first impression. The reader decides on the basis of your title if he will continue reading or not – so make it catchy.

There are two ways to go with this: you can write a provocative title, which will make the reader curious, or opt for an obvious title where the reader knows exactly what to expect and the main subject is mentioned right away. You can test this by asking someone else to read the title; then asking them what they think the article is about.

Scannable Text. Your readers will scan your blog post before reading it. If they are attracted by the title they will want to know more, without having to read all the text. Make your blog scannable by using a title, subtitles, photos and lists.

Add a Picture. When a picture or video is added to a blog post, it piques a reader’s interest much faster than a text-only post.

Make sure your content fits your audience. Do this by asking What will it do for me? and Why should I care? from your readers’ perspective after making each point. These two questions have to be answered to make sure that you’re writing a blog that is relevant for your audience. What can your readers do with the information? What kind of benefits will the content bring them? What is the exact purpose of the content? Why should the reader care about the content? By pondering these questions on a regular basis, you will make your content more concise and relevant for your target group.

Content. Besides all these points, the tone of your content is most important. Be ‘to the point’ and use the right keywords. Furthermore, you often want to encourage people to make a move. Always finish with a call to take action. What do you expect from the reader? What is the next step?

Good luck with blogging!

P.S. I’m curious: what do you think? What do you believe to be the most important aspects of a good blog post?

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