29 Nov 2012

The new branding

The word ‘branding’ has several meanings. It means:


  1. ‘Brand’ referring to brand name, logo or slogan, “personal branding” to set yourself as an individual on the map.
  2. ‘Personal branding’ referring to setting yourself as an individual on the map
  3. ‘Brand management’ referring to all marketing activities around a ‘Brand’.

This means a brand can determine its position in the market in relation to consumer’s preference, have an identity and represent a favourable image.

There is however a new definition of branding invented by the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. The new definition is encapsulated in this video about “What is Branding?” which they developed to promote a training MSc Brand Leadership program and covers the history and future of branding in an interesting way.

Click to view the video : What is Branding?

One of the most remarkable quotes from the video is “Brands, they mean what you say they mean.” In other words, the influence from consumers on brands and their identity will from now and in the future largely be influenced by “you and me”.

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