21 Nov 2012

30 More Stunning Magazine and Publication Layout Inspiration

Here I have compiled 30 more magazine and publication layouts that I feel are good enough to inspire even the best of you!  I think that as designers we always reach out for inspiration the second we receive a new brief, and personally I find that I search for layout inspiration much longer than what I would for lets say, typography or even web-design. So hopefully, I will shorten your search for layouts so you can crack on. If you need some more fuel after this delightful bunch, check out this post.


Book Layout Inspiration by LemonGraphic


Book Layout Inspiration by Valeria Maniago


Publication Layout by Matias Corea


Type Layout by Albert Ibanyez


Double Page Spread Inspiration by Paul Marcinkowski


Layout Inspiration by Hui Min Lee


Leaflet Layout Inspiration by James Alexander


Illustration Layout Inspiration by LouLou and Tummie


Magazine Layout Inspiration by Masha Portnova


Magazine Design Layout Inspiration by Matteo Gualandris 


Book Layout Inspiration by Santos Henarejos


Double Page Spread Layout Inspiration by Sawdust


by Tom White


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