31 Jan 2019

Why Branding Is Key To User Interface Design

Firstly, what is branding and user interface (UI) design? Branding is the promotion of a product or company through marketing, advertising and design. It is also the image of a brand or company created via visual elements such as a logo, colours, typography, illustrations etc. User interface is all the visual elements that creates the look and feel of a brand. It falls into the digital field and is a process of visually guiding users through a product’s interface via interactive elements. This includes action buttons, user controls, input and output devices, visual design and content.

So why is branding key?


Attracting attention

Branding is the face of any company and is one of the first things customers see. Therefore, branding is responsible for creating an aesthetically pleasing interface that will grab customer’s attention and retain it. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they lose interest and move on. If a company’s branding is done right the customers will remain on the site, allowing them to experience and interact with the UI design.

Recognizable identity

Branding gives the interface an identity from which to work from and customers an interface which they can recognize. UI design should reflect the already established branding of your company. This will provide your customers with a recognizable look and feel which will constantly reminded them that they’re using your company’s interface. If branding is used consistently throughout all channels and platforms, a sense of reliability and trust will be instilled in your customers.

Aesthetically pleasing

Branding makes sure that a brand’s interface design doesn’t end up being a generic presentation of the company that mainly focuses on the features and functions of its interface. It not only gives users something visually appealing to look at but makes the interface more inviting and memorable. Branding adds an identity to the interface, it tells the story of your company and allows your customers to connect with your brand. It also lets them know what to expect and how you are able to satisfy their needs and wants.


Branding captures the unique aspects of your company which can be utilised in the design of your UI. This will make your brand more unique, stand out from your competitors and become top of mind with your customers.


Branding highlights a unique and identifiable trait of a company with which customers are able to relate to and connect with. Branding uses the story of the company to provoke an emotional response with its customers in order for them to form a connection with them. This connection is vital as it will help to ensure your customers remember you when they next make a purchase.

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