18 Jan 2019

How A Rebrand Will Increase Your Profits

As you know rebranding is the changing of the corporate image of a company. Rebranding not only consists of changing the look and feel of a company (logo, brand identity), but how the company sounds (name, message, voice) and acts (policies) too.

Rebranding can be an exciting undertaking that will certainly bring about an array of challenges, opportunities and advantages. This can be a powerful way to gain new market share and boost your company’s profits.

So how will rebranding increase your profits? Here are a few ways:



Reposition your company as a more premium brand that offers high quality or specialized products or services. This will open your company up to a whole new target audience who are willing to pay for better quality. Offering high quality goods or services enables you to charge more, resulting in an increase in profits.

Target audience

Rebranding allows you to take a good look at who your company is targeting and reassess whether or not they are still the relevant target audience for you. You are now able to expand your influence and reach to a whole new audience or hone in on a niche market where your products or services are tailor made for them. Either way, attracting new customers can result in more money being made and therefore boost profits.

Brand loyalty

A company’s relationship with its customers is very important and can have a huge impact on their profits. A good customer relationship involves understanding your audience, their needs and wants. Once your company fully understands its customers, you can provide them with products or services that meet these needs. Customers will continue buying from brands that tailor products or services to them and will remain loyal to that brand. A loyal customer helps your company penetrate the market more effectively and help you maintain or increase your market share.


Positioning your company in a niche market with a unique product or service allows you to control the prices at which you sell your product or service. Your target audience will more likely pay the prices you set since they can’t get the same product or service from your competitors.


Rebranding your company gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors. The goal now is to get your company out there as much as possible and attract the attention of existing and potential customers. The more visible your company is, the more chances you have of capturing new leads which can result in sales conversions and an increase in revenue.

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