25 Jul 2019

What Makes UI Kits Helpful?

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed designing and developing a UI kit. In this post we are looking at some of the more unobvious benefits of using UI kits.

Ui kits affect our workflow, communication and our transfer of knowledge in the product design environment. They contain lots of useful components and elements for designing user interfaces. The kits help to improve design workflow, save time and keep design consistent.

Here are 3 reasons why we think UI kits are helpful:

Planning made easier
Making use of pre-made assets allows you to quickly map out ideas, improving workflow and saving you precious time. Most user experience programs offer a collaboration tool that allows you to easily share insights and collaborate with team members.

No more wireframes
Developing a user interface requires you to start with a wireframe. Wireframes are visual guides that represent the framework and arrangement of elements in a user interface. The process of visualizing the user interface has become much smoother thanks to the introduction of UI kits. The pre-designed blocks within the kits can be used as placeholders for the actual design element. You no longer have to switch between the context of the wireframe and the final design.

Working on multiple projects
Your UI elements can be saved as a library, to be quickly and easily used across multiple projects. When working on multiple projects, time management can sometimes become an issue, but with a well-maintained UI kit this won’t be a problem.


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