1 Aug 2019

Turn Your Brand Into A High Growth Movement

We are currently living in an era of movements. Social issues have the power to either put a company at risk or provide them with new business value. In this era, brands are constantly being defined by their values and their products are being used as social proof.

Brands leading movements, like Tesla, have a greater bandwidth to scale their storytelling as well as expanding their reach, engagement, efficiency and bottom line returns.

So how does one go from brand building to making movements?

Define your purpose
Before you start sharing your story with your customers, you need to understand your brand’s purpose. Your brand’s purpose will help to define your movement, which will drive your actions and eventually create an impact of some sort.

Express your goals
Make a list of the goals you wish for your brand to achieve. The best way to express your brand and its goals is through clear, concise and compelling language.

Equip and assemble employees
Inspire your employees to become advocates for your brand and your movement. The most effective way to bring movement into the life of your brand is to give your employees a role to play.

Engage with your community
Be the celebrant rather than the celebrity by turning the attention on your employees, customers, partners and community. Get your customers to document their relationship and journey with your brand and products. Collaborate with other brands to expand your reach beyond your existing target market.

Lead the conversation
One of the most meaningful ways brands scale their storytelling is by leading cultural conversations that are relevant to their community. It’s important not only to identify new storytelling opportunities, but to invest in initiatives that will help to demonstrate the conversation.

Measure impact
Its important to set targets and milestones to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. It is equally important to understand the amount of impact that your brand is actually making.


Nowadays it is key for businesses to do well by doing good. In order to do good, it’s important to have the right mindset and follow the right actions. Your brand’s movement should inspire and motivate other brands and the people in our community to work together to build a more sustainable and prosperous world.


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