18 Jul 2019

Good Design = Good Business

Pause for a moment and consider the psychological impact a person in uniform has upon your impression of them, without saying a word. The unspoken social stature afforded a person in a military or pilot’s uniform. What it comes down to, is basic psychology and neurological programming. We are told time and time again not to judge a book by its cover, and yet we do, all the time, every day.

Design is the ultimate differentiator
Studies show that the answer lies in design, and in business, design can revolutionise your bottom line. Design has evolved from being a creative agenda to being a business agenda.

The Evidence
A study by the UK’s Design Council found that:

  • For every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect over £20 in increased revenues
  • Design is linked to profit: For every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect an over £4 increase in net operating profit
  • Design boosts exports: For every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect a return of over £5 in increased exports

Almost half of businesses agree that design contributes to increased market share (46%) and turnover (44%).”

These compelling figures reveal the value that businesses can derive from investing in design and more specifically, by taking a design-first approach to business.

How does your business measure up?
As a brand, it’s not just about what you’re saying – it’s about how you’re saying it and how your audience is experiencing what you’re saying. It’s about changing your perspective and moving from reactive problem-solving, to big-picture thinking.  

In the information age, life is visual. Customers are drawn in and converted by what they see, before anything else. It’s like eating at a fine dining restaurant – the experience is about the presentation of the dish, then its smell, and lastly, what it tastes like.

How design-centric is your business? These are some of the aspects to consider:

  • Is your company and brand visually consistent from elements as granular as email signatures to macro elements like signage and advertising?
  • What message does your branding communicate and does it reflect your core business, product, objective or vision?
  • Does your brand’s content add real value to the lives of your customers?
  • Are your team members competent at communicating your brand values in a way that is creative and consistent with your brand messaging?


A PURE Case Study

Here’s how good design produced real results for one of our clients:

The challenge
PURE was briefed with the task of redesigning Lilayi Lodge’s identity to fall in line with the revamp of the resort. A contemporary website, bespoke online booking system and digital social media strategy also needed to be developed.

The PURE solution // How PURE helped a business to use good design as a strategic tool
The new and improved Lilayi logo, designed by PURE, reflects the African sun. The logo also reflects a modernised Flame Lilly flower as well as the thatched roofs of the huts, and the paths around the resort. PURE redesigned Lilayi’s website, organising and streamlining the content into an attractive, luxurious design that reflects the sophistication of this game lodge. The design used neutral colours that embodied the palette of the African savanna.

How it influenced company culture and profitability
Lilayi turned a profit for the first time in over 20 years. Sales and bookings exceeded expectations and the resort built additional units to accommodate the demand.


Interested in how you can become a better design thinker? Need to relook at how your brand uses design as a business tool? We can help.

Pure is an experienced branding and creative agency based in Cape Town and working globally. We take design beyond the computer screen, applying it to diverse areas such as logo identity and branding, design and packaging, websites and digital, magazines and books, content marketing and advertising.

Contact us on accounts@purecreative.co.za or give us a ring on (021) 4242 6918.


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