9 Dec 2019

What Is A Brand Concept?

A brand concept is a general idea and abstract meaning behind a brand. It is used to give consistency to a brand’s identity and curates a distinctive identity in the mind of the consumer.

A brand concept can be described as the first thing that pops into the mind of consumers when they think or hear about your brand, its products or its services. A well-defined and aligned brand concept is the base for formulating your brand architecture.

A brand concept can also be described as a brand’s unique quirk. A unique aspect or quality of a brand is taken and turned into an abstract thought. This is the part of the brand’s personality and what makes it different from the rest.

Key elements that every brand concept possess:

Brand name
It is essential for your brand to have a name that goes with the nature and objectives of the business. The name should convey the spirit of the brand. It should be distinctive, catchy, but not ambiguous or similar to the brand’s competitors.

The second most crucial element of a brand concept is a tagline. The tagline is the slogan of the brand, which conveys the attributes and features of the brand.

Creative elements
Creative elements of the brand include the logo, fonts, colour palette, typography etc. All of them designed in a way that signifies the nature and characteristics of the brand.

Language is another important element of the brand concept. The brand should have a specific tonality depending on the brand’s objectives, products and services offered.

The brand concept should encompass the message that the brand wishes to convey to its consumers. This includes the mission statement, vision and corporate guidelines.


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