14 Nov 2019

Design, Marketing and Branding Terms Pt.3

In the word of design and marketing there are a lot of technical terms thrown around. These terms can often be confusing and start to seem like a completely new language. Whether you’re a new designer, a design client or just a little curious about what they all mean, we have put together another list of definitions to help break down some of the more common ones.

Above the fold: content or imagery that appears on the top half of a website page.

AI: an Adobe Illustrator document that represents single-page vector designs.

Bleed: when a design extends past its printed edge to ensure there are no white borders around artwork when it’s trimmed down after printing.

DPI: dots per inch – the measure of a printer’s quality.

Icon: an image that is used to represent an action or an object.

KPI: key performance indicator is used to measure the success of a marketing campaign. It can be any type of analytic such as click through, engagement and bounce rate.

Lead generation: how your business generates leads and gets the attention of audiences.

Logomark: an abstract representation of a company using a symbol or mark.

Logotype: the name of a company designed in a visually unique way.

Lorem ipsum: dummy text used as a placeholder which is swapped out later with actual copy.

PDF: Portable Document Format. These files can be universally downloaded and viewed by any computer and are most suitable for sharing previews of work.

Pixel: a minuscule area of a screen. Pixels are the smallest basic unit of programmable colour on a screen and images are made up of many individual pixels.

Remarketing: a marketing tactic that is used to get customers who didn’t make a purchase on your site to go back and make the purchase/visit your site.

Tracking: the spacing between groups of letters, characters or blocks of text.

Trim: the final size of a printed piece after it has been trimmed. The artwork is usually trimmed along crop marks which indicate where to cut.

Vector: images made up of points, lines, and curves. Vectors can be scaled to any size without losing quality as the shapes within it are calculated using a mathematical equation.


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