30 Sep 2019

Marketing Your Brand Through Animation

When it comes to marketing, diversity and consistency can make or break the rate of engagement with your audience. With new methods of marketing continuously developing, sometimes taking the more entertaining route will pay off in the end. This is where animation comes in.

There’s more to animation marketing than creating an entertaining, interactive and movable design.

The importance of animation lies equally with the purpose it serves and how well it communicates the brand’s identity. Anyone can add animations to their marketing strategy, but animations can easily be distracting and even annoying without purpose. An animation is meant to easily explain a concept that might otherwise be difficult, confusing or boring for your audience to understand without it.

The purpose of an animation can also be to promote user efficiency. Audiences want to use an app or navigate a website conveniently, and animations can help move that process along. For example, one of Twitter’s most recent updates shows a “New Tweets” notification with small circles containing the profile pictures of three accounts you engage with most, communicating that they want you to refresh your page in order to see and engage with accounts the algorithm knows you prefer. That kind of animation might be subtle, but it is enticing, effective and communicates the brand’s identity which says, “stay on our app, we know what you want to see.”

Communicating the brand’s identity through animation also promotes the brand’s voice. Animations in line with brand colours, typefaces and fonts translate consistency to the audience and overall unity through the development process.

If, for example, a brand has a palette of muted, nude colours but creates an animation with neon colours, it will be neither appealing nor digestible for the audience. Diverting from brand colours ultimately throws off the brand’s identity and turns off the user’s interest. Intricate visual details down to the colours matter greatly when creating and adding animation to the marketing strategy. Differentiating when to use moving images and when to use text is also important.

What can be easily understood in image should be used, and what can be effectively communicated through text should be used. Testing the effectiveness of these graphics on users with different device interfaces, especially those of your target market, will help decipher what to use and when to use it.

Marketing your brand through animation might not only be one the best decisions to make but also one of the most effective, further building your brand and expanding your audience.

Here at PURE, we specialize in animation marketing. Send us an enquiry at accounts@purecreative.co.za or call us on +27 (21) 424 6918 to make an appointment and we would be delighted to advise you on your next animation.


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