10 Oct 2019

Animation Studio Process

When developing an animation, we like to stick to a simple 7 step process. This process helps to make each project run smoothly from the briefing, to the conceptualization to the final product. It is essential to know the process behind developing an animation to ensure we create the best possible product for our client.

1. Briefing
Before we can begin conceptualizing the animation, we need to understand the requirements of the project. We need our clients to communicate to us the expectations they have for the animation and provide us with a creative brief. The brief should include details on the purpose of the animation, the target audience, timings and deadlines etc.

2. Script
The script is an essential part of an animation. Without it the animation won’t have a storyline or a consistent flow. We take the information provided in the creative brief to develop a script that best suits our client’s requirements and expectations.

3. Storyboard
Once the script has been approved, we can convert it into a storyboard. A storyboard is a graphic representation of how the animation will unfold. It is an important part of the process where each scene is planned out and all actions and visuals are described. Storyboards are very helpful as they indicate to us the sequence of scenes, the various transitions and progression of the animation. They are also very helpful when sharing and explaining our vision to clients.

4. Design
The visual style of the animation is the next step of the process. Characters and elements are designed to help tell the story and bring the animation to life. These visuals are custom, full colour images give clients a glimpse into what the final animation will look like.

5. Voiceover
The voiceover can either make or break the animation. If you think about it, the voice over is essentially the voice of your brand. That is why we carefully pick a voice actor that best suits our client’s animation and brand. The voiceover has the power to add life into the animation, so choosing the right voiceover is a lot harder than it seems.

6. Animation
This is where the animation starts to take shape. We give the visual designs the illusion of life and pair it with the voiceover to make the animation appealing and engaging to the target audience.

7. Music and SFX
The final step is to add music and a few sound effects. These added features help liven up the animation and adds that extra bit of flair.


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