11 Jul 2019

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

One of the main things that business owners require to develop is a website. A website represents your business online and helps you to approach potential customers.

A website’s design, or lack of, can have potential customers close your website and seek other businesses. Web design is the design of a website that is displayed on the internet. It refers to the content, the user experience, the way it looks and the way it works. The process of web design includes conceptualizing, planning and building of electronic files to determine the layout, colour, text styles, graphics, structure and interactive features of the website. There are various purposes of websites, it depends on who the intended audience is. Some websites are geared towards selling products or services, providing information or merely to entertain people.

The design of your website can affect several components of your digital marketing strategy, especially your content marketing. With the help of intuitive web design and engaging content, you can retain the viewer’s attention and get them to explore the rest of your site. Content plays a vital role in representing your business.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing tool that is based on the creation, publishing and dissemination of content that is useful and relevant, with the aim of building engaged content communities and converting those communities into business-drivers. The purpose of content marketing is to increase sales, for cost savings and to attain loyal customers.

So how does web design impact content marketing?

An important consideration to make when designing a website is that your content is accessible. The content needs to be easy to read and find and the navigation in your site should allow users to find the information they’re looking for with ease.

Your website has less than 10 seconds to attract and appeal to viewers. The design of your site represents the quality, trustworthiness and professionalism of your content and your business. The appearance of a website needs to be visually appealing so that viewers consider your business a valuable resource and instils confidence in them to choose your brand.

The copy on your website and in your content should be easy to read, easy to understand and be visually appealing. Restrict yourself to use a limited amount of fonts to prevent your website from being overwhelming, unprofessional and difficult to read.

Having the right fonts and font colours is key in helping viewers read and comprehend your content. Your font colour must not be too similar to you website’s background colour, otherwise viewers may not be able to or bother to read your content. Make sure your font is clean and large enough for viewers to read without struggling. These details may seem minor but can heavily impact the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

Including visuals with your content is essential as most people are visual learners. Visuals and graphics help viewers understand and digest information easier and quicker. Visual content such as videos and images give viewers a better understanding of how they can use your product or service.


Design your website with your viewers in mind. Web design impacts how users access and read your content and also impacts your content marketing in a huge way. With effective and appealing content, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website.


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