15 Sep 2017

Foodie Friday: IYO Burgers

What’s the difference between a regular burger and an IYO burger? Artisanal cheese and gourmet ingredients.

IYO Burgers revolves around four things: the community, the environment, the ethics, and – of course – the people-pleasing gourmet burgers.

You need to bite into one of these bad boys for an impressive cross-section. You get the bun, light and soft with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. The veggies, sourced from Woodstock and surrounding areas for that local goodness. The deliciously saucy gourmet lacings of your choice – sriracha mayo, crème fraiche, or caramelised pickled apple puree – just to name a few. Last but certainly not least, the organic (and ethically sourced) ground beef patty cooked to perfection and accompanied with cashew nuts, brie cheese, and mild paprika seasoning for that extra tangy punch. Luckily for burger lovers, the choice of burger is not limited to only this – IYO offers a burger for every craving, ensuring that each meal is a tasty and memorable adventure. And for your sweet tooth, perhaps a cheesecake or a Ferrero Rocher milkshake? Delicious!

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