21 Sep 2017

Why you need a real website

When it comes to designing a website, there are more shortcuts out there than ever before. Templates are a cheap, and sometimes free, way to make yourself a website. This is great if you’re advertising the business you run out of your home, or you’re showcasing your chops as a holiday snapper, but doesn’t work so well if you’re a serious company with staff and overhead.

Seen as an easy way to creating your own website, templates are certainly popular. But as a leading design agency, we can tell you that custom design is still by far the best choice.

So, why are websites important?

If someone hears about your business and is interested in contacting you, what’s the first thing they’d do? They’d check out your website.

Today, having a business website is essential. You need to create a cliental base, be accessible to potential clients, and build and maintain relationships. There’s a lot to do. Most importantly, though, you need to show clients and potential clients that:

  1. Your business is reliable and
  2. That the people in it know exactly what they’re doing.

If your website doesn’t look professional, then you don’t. It’s one thing to advertise your services, it’s another to show that you’re an expert in your respective field and that you take investing in your business seriously.

Yes, template design is cheaper, but you’re obligated to show your clients that they can expect top quality products and service. Don’t hold your breath to be approached if your first impression isn’t inviting.

What’s the difference between custom and template design?

A web template is what’s used to design a relatively basic website. This site is put together through an assortment of linked and prebuilt pages. Sure, it sounds handy, but these pages have a limited scope for the choice of colours and fonts – a lack of tools which results in loads of template sites looking a tad too similar due to their fixed layout. There is a sense of detail and quality missing.

On the other hand, custom design offers countless features – and all the room in the world for future development. Your striking and individual customized site will grow with your business – with the capability to include the latest website technologies. We think that’s pretty cool.

Do you have what it takes?

You might think that anyone can develop a website nowadays, but nobody likes mediocrity. Forcing the wrong solution on your website development will hinder your company’s chances of long-term success.

We know creating your own site will be time-consuming, and not everyone has that zest for design creativity. Your business’ website needs visitor-encouraging elements of great design, copywriting, coding, and interactive features (to name a few), and professional designers know exactly how to put together a functional site that looks good, too.

A professional web designer from a design agency knows what works and what doesn’t – aesthetically, and practically. A website needs to be simple and easy to navigate, or you’ll have high drop-off rates. It needs to have images that are appealing and text that is easy to read. In short, it needs to be left to the professionals.

Investing in a website now will pay off along the way. As a leading creative agency in Cape Town, we know how to set you apart from the rest. After all, you get what you pay for.

Allow us to aid you in achieving success.

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