13 Jun 2019

Designing And Developing A UI Kit

User interface (UI) kits are a set of files that contain lots of useful components and elements for designing a user interface. This includes fonts, icons, buttons, check boxes, HTML/CSS files, layered design files and documentation. UI kits help to improve your design workflow, saves you time and helps to keep your design consistent.

UI kits are commonly used for mobile design or prototyping. Prototyping shows how your design is supposed to look and behave before launching the final product. It’s important to create a prototype of your product to make sure everything functions as it should and if any issues arise, they can be fixed.  Once the prototype has been finalized, it is time to complete the design. Thanks to your prototype, your page structure is already in place and all that is needed is to add content and colour.

Advantages of UI kits

– UI kits help to keep your designs consistent and allows users to learn your product quicker, reducing cognitive load.

– Once your kit is developed, you are able to reuse components over various projects instead of having to create new ones from scratch each time.

– UI kits force you to think about what is absolutely necessary on your page and what you can afford to leave out. Therefore, creating a final product that is simpler and more refined.

– You are able to use your time more efficiently as your workflow has been improved, saving you time.

– UI kits allow you to focus on the more unique features of your product or service as you don’t have to worry about the finer details each time.

– Styles and colours can be updated quickly and easily, even after the design is complete.

– UI kits help to determine whether your design falls in line with your UX strategy or not.


UI kits are not just about saving time and creating functionality. It is about developing user interface components and elements that can be made once and used multiple times. They allow you plan out the structure of your design, without sacrificing your ideas or time.


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