10 Jun 2019

3 Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

1) Influencer Collaborations

The digital age has brought with it, “the era of the influencer,” and trend predictions don’t see influencer marketing going anywhere, any time soon. In order to be effective though, brands are finding that marketing efforts have to go beyond asking the influencer to promote the brand on their own channels. Collaborations have to be more meaningful and more sustainable. Guest blogging, eventing, product placement – all of these aspects can be leveraged as part of an influencer marketing strategy in order to publish immersive content that people not only want to experience themselves but want to share with others.

2) Voice Search

Screenless search is the new search and it’s blowing up all over the world. More and more consumers are using voice-activated search functions and digital assistants to browse the internet. What that means for content is that brands can no longer publish content that’s not relatable on a very granular, human level. Messaging needs to sound natural, so language use is going to become imperative and well as the optimisation of all content to rank as highly as possible for the most used search terms.

3) Interactivity is Key

Brands can no longer get away with putting out messages like carrier pigeons and hoping they return as profit. What needs to happen is conversation. Relationship-building relies on give and take, and content marketing is no different. Consumers want to engage, so content that is interactive, in even the slightest way, always outperforms content that is one-sided. Ask questions, spark debate, reward consumers for engaging with your brand because consumers want to be listened to rather than just spoken to.


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