27 Jun 2019

Design, Marketing and Branding Terms Pt.1

In the word of design and marketing there are a lot of technical terms thrown around. These terms can often be confusing and start to seem like a completely new language. Whether you’re a new designer, a design client or just a little curious about what they all mean, we have put together a list of definitions to help break down some of the more common ones.

Analytics: tracking data and trends, and developing actionable insights for future marketing ventures

B2B: business-to-business, a business that markets or sells to other businesses

B2C: business-to-consumer, a business that markets and sells to consumers

Body copy: the main part of text in a design

Bounce rate: the number of people who leave your website without clicking on anything

Brand identity: visualization of your brand in a way that represents your company’s values through a logo, business cards, letterheads, packaging design etc.

Brand: the perception, knowledge and impression a person has of a company, their products, service and overall experience

Branding: the promotion of a product or company through marketing, advertising and design. It is also the image of your brand or company that is created via visual elements such as a logo, colours, typography, illustrations etc.

Click-through rate: the number of people that move through your website or marketing campaigns

CMYK: a colour model used for printing purposes

Content: a piece of information that exists for the purpose of being digested and shared eg. Blog, video, social media post, photo, podcast

Hierarchy: the visual arrangement of design elements in a way that represents its  importance

Infographic: content represented visually to make complex information easy to understand and digest

Keyword: a specific word or phrase describing the content of a webpage

Landing page: a page on your website that contains a form for prospects to fill out and exchange personal information for a lead or offer

Pantone: a standardized system of colours for printing

Pay per click (PPC): a type of advertising on the internet where you pay when someone clicks on your ad

RGB: a colour model used for on-screen purposes

SEO: practice of enhancing and improving where webpages appear in search engine results

Typography: the artistic arrangement of various typefaces in a readable and visually appealing way


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