31 Jan 2017

Collaboration and co-working spaces

Collaboration has never been so popular. Outsourcing skills to deliver the best possible service is the norm in agencies these days.

Everyone you meet will know something you don’t. Sharing valuable knowledge in the work space, reflects your loyalty towards your clients.

Being surrounded by like-minded people in a creative space is a recipe for success. Co-working spaces have become more and more common around the world, offering a wide variety of services to ensure maximum productivity.

Let’s look at this trendy New York-based space called The Wing. It is the brainchild of political and media relations strategist Audrey Gelman and former director of ClassPass, Lauren Kassan. It is a space for women to grow their businesses, to collaborate and to reach their full potential in an environment where creativity can be exchanged.

The Netherlands’ Hashtag Workmode owns two spots; in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These are beautiful co-working environments that aim to accelerate female entrepreneurs’ careers. Offering a hub to embrace like-minded visions, the co-working locale is ideal for sharing ideas, gaining industry-related connections and tapping into relevant resources.

In Cape Town you’ll find countless inspiring shared work spaces. The ICIC (Inner City Ideas Cartel), Work & Co, Spin Street House and Workshop17. These are situated in gorgeous spaces in the heart of Cape Town.

More and more co-working hubs are popping up and we have to ask ourselves: What does this mean for the future of companies, the standard office scene and working collabs?

Illustration: Eva Færch (Pure Creative)

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