6 Feb 2017

Packaging in 2017

Packaging is all around us. When we shop for groceries, look at window displays, buy a new pair of shoes or receive a package from an online store.

It is such an important tool for your brand’s identity. You can create an everlasting effect on the buyer/ potential buyer, through creating memorable, striking packaging.

Here are some packaging trends that might surface in the year to come:

  • Custom typography
  • Think out of the box with colour
  • Pattern on pattern on pattern
  • Illustration station
  • Reviving postal style
  • Authentic die cuts
  • Go vintage
  • Eco-friendly is everything
  • Simply. Boldly. Minimally.

Image Sources:

moodley brand identity, Keiko Akatsuka, Christopher Stanko, skinn branding agency, Midday, TAPPED

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