7 Aug 2018

5 Ways a Rebrand Will Grow Your Business

1.   Rebranding distinguishes your business, setting it apart from the competition

Rebranding your existing brand identity can provide a clear and distinct personality for your business and its offerings, showcase why your business is unique and superior to the competition. Your look, feel and voice can be tailor-made to appeal directly to a specific target market and can act as a blueprint for further marketing executions and across all media, traditional, digital and social. Cohesion is vital and to this end, Pure Creative provides a comprehensive set of brand guidelines covering every possible application of your logo and company message including typography, colour palettes, dimensions, infographics, advertising, stationery, signage and more.

2.   A professionally designed and crafted rebrand is key to maintaining and growing your customer base

A fresh new identity is bound to pique the interest of existing and new customers. Perception is key here too; rebranding indicates that there is new activity, new thinking and excitement within the business – the image being presented is current, even tech savvy. Furthermore, research shows that consumers are attracted to well executed design and that if given a choice between a professionally designed brand identity or a poorly designed amateur identity, customers will immediately choose the professional option.

3.   Rebranding is the perfect opportunity to hone the personality of your business, product and/or services

What globally successful brands like Nike, Jeep and Gucci have in common is brand personality – Jeep: individualist, adventurous, and living life to the fullest. Nike: noble, steadfast and able to overcome adversity. Gucci: Edgy and confident.Personality is key to distinguishing your brand, making it memorable and making it great!

4.   A great rebrand unites people – it attracts the right customers and also the right employees

Shared cultures, shared values and shared dreams are at the heart of the brand creation process. Your rebrand should embody everything your business offers, not just in terms of product or service, but ethics, culture and mission. In this way, it reflects your key values and will send the right message to both your client base and the professional segment from which you choose to recruit. Effective rebranding sparks emotional “buy-in” from both customers AND employees immersing them in the very culture of your business. This is when productivity soars and revenues are bound to follow.

5.   Rebranding will grow leads and new business development

Rebranding with a professional new identity is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your brand, show potential clients that you are a business and thought leader. Professional design also plays a major role in determining how your company is perceived. PURE can also assist you to crystallise your brands personality, target audience, your mission, your values, vision and unique selling points.


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Written by Andrew Burke

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