13 Sep 2018

Video Is Key To Your Marketing Efforts


High-end television commercials may still have some relevance as a channel option, but online videos are taking the lead on marketing strategies.

With Youtube, Facebook and Instagram all allowing for video, why are products not being advertised here. The reality is that nobody wants to see an outright advert on social media. But may be open to a humorous product review, witty animation or well-scripted explainer video. Your branded content must entertain or offer value-add information in order to engage with audiences, who now have a choice to choose to watch or share your branded video content.

Video offers a way to get users to engage in with your brand in a unique way

User-generated video content encourages audiences to engage with your videos, but also gets them to create the content themselves. You can run an entire campaign using one start-off video with product animations and the rest will follow. Use a competition to engage with audiences by asking them to create content involving your product. Context is important when doing so, for example if your product is a sports drink, why not encourage consumers to film themselves doing something extreme after they’ve had a sip?

Social media makes spreading video content simple

Whether you create an animated infographic that places your product in a larger context or use 2D character design to advertise an experience, social media makes it easy. You don’t need to book a timeslot or huge budgets, just simply put it out there and see what happens.

Most importantly though, although budgets need not match those of television commercials, quality is still paramount to create quality content that is engaging and enjoyable. Poor quality video or production quality will damage your brand and reputation.

Make use of influencers

Influencers influence consumers, but they aren’t just celebrities endorsing products in exchange for money. No, influencers are seen as trusted social media personalities who only punt products they agree with.

People follow their lives across their social media platforms daily, and thus trust their opinions on what they think of products, designs, holiday destinations, cars, food etc, bringing brand awareness and sales, showing a high value to an advertiser.

Television commercials may soon be a thing of the past, but online videos and animation are certainly the future of marketing.


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