17 Aug 2012

Think you are doing a good job with social media? Can you pass this simple test?

Mastering social media is easy right? Sure, you just need to master: reach, likes, comments, shares, stories, tweets, retweets, circles, engagement, polls, status updates, talking about this, events, milestones, visual content, friends of fans, pins, boards, hashtags, twitter chats, +1’s and favorites. Oh…and also leads, sales and ROI tracking.

Well, here’s some expert help from HubSpot. You can get a completely free assessment of effectively you are using social media. You will definitely learn where your weak spots are, what channels are most effective for you and much more. The assessment will:

1. Use data from your own marketing, so you will know it is real
2. Show comparative data from your competitors (wow!) and
3. Provide you with a fast track to improve your social media ROI

See how HubSpot can help align, scale and track all of your social media efforts today.
Learn more now: http://bit.ly/QLibYm

And as a thank you, you are also entitled to download these two great eBooks for free today as well. Check them out:

67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies have been successful in attracting customers from Facebook. Learn how to utilize both paid and organic features to not only generate leads but ultimately drive customers from Facebook.
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Google + has 170,000,000 users, but is it driving enough leads for your business? Probably not. That’s why HubSpot worked directly with product managers at Google to assemble this eBook & identify 6 killer new ways to generate leads with Google +
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Here’s to your success!

Mike Crosson
Moderator and Publisher
Posted By Michael Crosson

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