15 Feb 2012

The Power of Photography, Captured by Pure Publishing

It is a medium that has the power to inspire, to move, and even shape lives. It’s used in the arts and business, and it’s a core part of what we do here at PURE: it’s the glorious art of photography.

But just what makes photography such a powerful medium? Visuals have a way of quickly impacting us, and at PURE, we look for the most striking images that will convey instant feeling and impact. In the last decade, the art form has made a particularly critical impact on the web, as well as across the media industry, where in this fast-paced digital age, images need to grab attention. Just think of how little impact an ad campaigns would have without a striking image.

Here at PURE Publishing we believe in photography’s ability to speak a thousand words, capture art, touch hearts and convey the powerful ideas. At PURE we utilise some of South Africa’s leading photographers, such as Graeme Robinson, Riana Vogel, Sean Calitz, Matt Stow, Theo Klomje, Dirk Pieters and Helena Rautenbach. From Cape Town’s beautiful wine landscapes to alluring close-up fashion shots, our photography aims to capture PURE’s creative essence by pushing the envelop, with imagery that is both luxurious and cutting edge.


Here are two of our photographer’s images we feel captures our unique approach:

Helena Rautenbach – Captures sensual close ups of female faces. Pure offers model searching, lighting, styling and make-up.

Graeme Robinson – Long and wide, incredible vista wine farm capturing its colours, angle and essence perfectly.


Here are a couple images we feel captures the essence of photography for strive for at PURE:

FotoWeekDC Winner of 2011 by Serli in 1st place for his stunning travel photography.


Frank Miller for Gucci Guilty – Created by Riccardo Ruini, from Rome based agency REM captures a futuristic fast paced image to sell the seductive power of the fragrance.


Web Design for Wine

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