3 Aug 2012

Facebook Timeline Design Comparison of 10 Luxury Brands

Luxury brands have always focused on creating a sense of exclusivity, status and emotion. With Facebook Timeline, brands have a powerful tool with which they can reach and engage people all over the world.

According to luxury brand marketing consultantDuke Greenhill, founder and CEO of  Greenhill+Partners, “the four P’s [of marketing] still hold true, but they come second to a much more imperative agenda. Successful luxury brand marketing demands substantially different considerations, specifically the four E’s: experience, exclusivity, engagement and emotion.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the four P’s of marketing, they consist of product, price, promotion and place.

The four E’s highlight the importance of high-quality content and the power of immersive storytelling for luxury brands looking to further enhance their brand via Facebook.

Ranking by Number of Likes

Before looking at the Facebook Timeline designs for 10 of the most effective luxury brands, let’s see who has the highest number of Facebook likes:

  • Burberry – 12.25 million
  • Dior – 7.75 million
  • Gucci – 7.69 million
  • Channel – 6.49 million
  • Armani – 3.03 million
  • Tiffany & Co – 2.16 million
  • Prada – 1.67 million
  • Bulgari – 669 thousand
  • Cartier – 666 thousand
  • Hermes – 561 thousand

Article by http://socialmediachimps.com/2012/facebook-timeline-design-comparison-10-luxury-brands/


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