6 Aug 2012

12 Luxury Lifestyle Publishers Targeting Affluent Consumers

Luxury marketers continue to invest in print publishing in attracting affluent and discerning consumers. Targeting them in their homes, yachts and private jets.

While many publications move across to digital, luxury lifestyle publishers are still offering an inimitable sensory experience to their readers, where magazines remain luxurious objects in their own right. Sophisticated art direction and premium print execution perfectly fits the lifestyle of their readers and provides luxury brands a unique opportunity to present their products.

Whilst social marketing and digital communications have become an inescapable part of luxury branding, luxury lifestyle magazines are still an important part of the marketing mix, particularly in reaching the elusive high net worth consumer. Luxury Society investigated the luxury lifestyle publishing market and presents a round up of the best publishers and titles. For a complete listing of luxury lifestyle magazines, we invite you to explore the Luxury Society directory and discover further titles in your region.

1. Elite Traveller Magazine, United States

2. Journal International Publishers, Germany

3. Wealth Collection Magazine, United Kingdom

4. Prestige Magazines, Singapore

5. Robb Report, United States

6. Bespoke Magazine, Middle East

7. Luxury Life Magazine, Switzerland

8. Noblesse Media International Publishers

9. American Express Publishing, United States

10. Sur la Terre Magazines, Switzerland

11. Blu Inc Media, Hong Kong

12. Niche Media Publishing, United States

Article by http://luxurysociety.com/articles/2010/12/12-luxury-lifestyle-publishers-targeting-affluent-consumers

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