Careers4Me Website

Careers4Me Website

Lilayi Website

PURE redesigned Lilayi’s identity in line with a modern revamp …

Hawaiian Coconut

Hawaiian coconut

Hawaiian Coconut website design

Emily Faulstich’s hands-on approach and keen eye for design encouraged a collaborative effort.

Avoova Website

PURE created a website for Avoova that reflects the unique …

Measuring ROI of design

When times are tough you cut back, but there are still expenses that are necessary for a business, even during a recession. But even those need to be calculated meticulously and justified constantly to weigh them against other possible expenses. Those expenses can be justified by measuring the return on investment (ROI), which is “the ratio of money gained or lost on an investment, relative to the amount of money invested.”

5 Trends in Web Design

Trends in Web design come and go, but this is a list of 5 of the current trends in web design that we can image will be around for a long time…