19 Jul 2011

5 Trends in Web Design

Trends in web design come and go, but this is a list of 5 of the current trends in web design that we can see being around for a long time.



Passionate Style - Texture


Texture is defined as the feel of canvas and can usually be experienced with two senses, visual and tactile. Texture in web design however, can only be seen, but still gives the user an illusion of reality, especially when textures that nearly everybody has felt before, such as wood, paper or other materials are simulated. Here are some great examples of websites that use textures in their design.


Carsonified - Typography

When a website design is based on typography, the focus lies on the art and technique of arranging type, such as the selection of typeface, point size, line length, and so on. Typography is a crucial aspect of many a design related project, and is gaining increasing popularity in website design, as can be seen, in this list of typography based websites.

Ribbons and Tags

Ribbons & Tags - Paris Jones

Similar to texture in web pages, ribbons and are used to create an illusion of depth, whilst at the same time being able to give a website everything from a playful to a more serious look, solely depending on the use of the ribbons, clearly visible in this great collection of websites using ribbons and tags as design elements.


Minimalism - Offset Media

Minimalist web sites have been stripped down to their most fundamental features, showing that less is more sometimes. In minimalism, the designer has to carefully pick the elements that are supposed to catch the user’s eye and still keep the whole design simplistic, making successful minimalist web design hard to actually pull off. Take a look at this gallery of minimalist web design and decide for yourself.

Large Background

Large Background - Image the Music

Creating a large background website can be a risk, because it is very easy to create a website that is just too busy. This always needs to be kept in mind when designing a website that uses one big picture as a background image. I have found two great collections of websites with large background pictures to show you how it is done right.

Measuring ROI of design

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