18 Feb 2019

Why Your Start-Up Business Needs A Professional Brand Identity

A brand identity is the way a business portrays itself to and how its perceived by its customers and the world. It consists of the business’ name, logo, font, colours, mission, values and other collateral which all work together to make up your business’ image. Your brand identity should remain consistent through all platforms and channels of communication to ensure there is a consistent company experience.

A professional brand identity is more than the look and feel of your business. it can be very beneficial for your start-up business and here’s why:



A brand identity gives your business a personality and a voice. It also gives your business a distinct look and feel, which will become synonymous with your brand. Brand identities give customers something to remember your business by and something to recognize when coming across your identity. A brand identity shapes customer’s perception of your business and helps them to find something which they can relate to. It boosts brand engagement, builds trust and can eventually lead to higher revenue.


A brand identity gives your business a distinct image, setting you apart from other businesses. This is beneficial as customers are more likely to remember a unique brand identity than one that looks like the rest. There may be many businesses with a similar offering or business idea as you, but one thing that will differentiate you from your competitors and give you competitive edge in the market is a brand identity.


Brand identities communicate to your audience who your business is, what you do and what your company’s values, aims and message is. It projects the promises and expectations you set out for your customers, builds trust and loyalty and could influence their decision to purchase from you, positively impacting your profits.


A brand identity gives off the sense that you are serious about what you do and are willing to do anything in order to succeed and satisfy your customer’s needs. This increases the company’s level of professionalism; building trust, loyalty and credibility. This credibility puts your business in a good light and gives your business a good reputation. Customers favour credible businesses and are most likely to develop a long-term relationship you because of it.


A brand identity gives your customers something to remember your business by. A unique and consistently used brand identity helps customers recognize and remember your company in the future.

Customers usually go with companies that they recognize. Constant recognition aids in ensuring your company is top of mind. The more you interact with customers, the more chance you have of making a connection and creating a memorable brand experience.

Attract new clients

A brand identity has the potential to attract new customers and business. In start-up companies, a brand identity creates excitement and interest, leaving new customers curious to try you out. It will also help to attract those that are better suited to your business and who share similar values, making it easier to satisfy their needs.


Investing time into creating a brand identity will help you make decisions about your business and its future as well as push you in the right direction. Understanding your brand completely allows you to know what marketing strategy, products, services etc. are necessary and relevant for your business.


A strong brand identity allows your employees to learn more about your company and helps them understand the company’s values, aims and purpose. This ensures that everyone is on the same page.


A great brand identity can attract potential investors and customers and can lead to the success of your start-up business. Let us design your brand identity to take your business to the next level. Contact us at accounts@purecreative.co.za

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