15 Aug 2019

Why Does Interactive Content Marketing Work?

Interactive content marketing is one of the most effective ways to find and engage with your audience. It uses content to engage with audiences based on their participation. Audiences receive real-time, hyper-relevant results, which they care about, in return for their engagement.

Interactive content adds more value by creating a two-way dialogue. It provides audiences with a personalized, user-focused experience from start to finish.

The reason why content marketing works is because humans can’t resist testing themselves, competing, comparing and sharing their option. Interactive content allows audiences to receive different results or next steps in their content journey based on the answers they give. This kind of personalization is very appealing to audiences and is what keeps them engaged and coming back.

A few examples of interactive content include interactive infographics, surveys, polls, assessments, quizzes, interactive reports, eBooks, calculators, webinars, mobile apps or games and interactive 360 videos.

Here are six reasons why interactive content works:

While static content can be useful, interactive content is way more appealing. Interactive content gives audiences a reason to stay on the page as it provides content and information in a unique way. It has the ability to deliver curated messages to audiences, which creates better engaged customers who are more likely to convert.

Successful interactive content can be shared by consumers and sometimes go viral. This creates great buzz around your brand, getting your name out there and making your brand memorable.

Data capture
Interactive content makes it easier to capture relevant data from audiences. This information is crucial as it gives brands the ability to personalize marketing campaigns which speak to audience’s biggest concerns.

Brand loyalty
Engaging interactive content makes audiences feel a part of your brand. Interactive content creates a shared experience between your brand and your audience, which they will take note of and will help them develop a loyalty to your brand.

Consumers prefer being educated rather than pitched. They don’t want to spend their time being pitched while making a purchase decision. Interactive content is the perfect tool to educate consumers on your brand’s product or service. This can be done through interactive videos, infographics or whitepapers, which allows consumers to move through a story while being educated.

Increased Engagement
Interactive content encourages audiences to interact with the content, participate and get involved. Active engagement allows audiences to develop deeper relationships with your brand, raising brand affinity and purchases.


Interactive content leads to more engagement, more leads, and more loyalty from customers. It goes a long way towards helping brands generate more excitement, learn more from their customers and increase conversion rates, helping the bottom line. Customers are more willing to share their information with companies that go the extra mile to produce content that is helpful and engaging.


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