9 Nov 2017

Multi-channel brand marketing

Branding in the near future will embrace a multitude of mediums and new content approaches, and savvy agencies will need to master this to stay ahead of the game.

The landscape of marketing, advertising, design and digital agencies is changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. The industry is constantly bringing in different aspects of different fields to try to cover all the bases, but even being a full-service agency in this day and age is complicated.

Today, advertising agencies are offering digital services, digital agencies are offering branding and advertising and design agencies are producing publications. The categories are blurring together so much so that they have almost become one, so agencies will need to deliver a lot more services across a wider variety of disciplines.

Design, copywriting, advertising strategy, marketing strategy, social media… these various services are so important in the modern world. Companies aren’t sure who to go to for what services, or if they should start incorporating them inhouse.

UK-based market intelligence firm Creative Brief questioned 50 agency CEOs and 50 brand CMOs about the changing role of agencies. It found that 68% of agency respondents and 72% of brands believe that ‘agency structures, processes and pace of delivery’ are not developing at the same rate as a brand’s needs.

In 2018, it’s less about reinventing the wheel and more about expanding where possible. We will see new agency models emerge that adapt to each client’s needs, and focuses on delivering core strengths to build a brand. A combination of brand strategy, brand personality, branded content marketing, and digitisation will form the basis for effective branding in the near future.

As a branding, marketing and content agency, Pure Creative encompasses diverse content approaches in all our work.

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