27 Dec 2016

Luxury brand marketing in the digital age

While luxury brands have traditionally not been swayed by the fickle winds of changing trends, things are very different these days.

Digital has fast become an essential part of the luxury consumer’s life. This isn’t a bad thing – it has opened up new doors for innovation in the luxury realm. For example, surprisingly, one of the most traditional of luxury brands, Burberry, have been at the cutting edge of digital innovation.

Part of what makes luxury brands what they are is their intuitive service, which can be easily be fostered through digital. Digital allows luxury brands to anticipate their customer’s needs – for example in London’s Burberry store, digital sensors analyse if customers in the store are wearing Burberry products, and runs content relevant to those items on the store’s giant screens.

Harder to achieve is the air of exclusivity and privacy that comes with luxury brands. The internet is a populist phenomenon, so is at it’s very hard counterintuitive to this aim. However, there are ways to adopt digital to these needs – this can largely be achieved through memberships and exclusive logins.

By contrast, the internet can actually help foster brand closeness, by using personalized apps or websites, and offering direct access to a brand through social media.

With all this in mind, luxury brands need specialized services from agencies that understand their needs. We know this from working with luxury brands ourselves.


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