3 Nov 2016

Leveraging the power of infographics

Many people see infographics and think that they are only for big companies with large graphic design departments, and only about very specific material.

In today’s information saturated age, infographics appeal for their clarity. Infographics offer an opportunity to convey information in a visual way, which is very useful when you’re dealing with dry information. They offer a way to engage readers while showcasing creative prowess, and appeal to the fact that people absorb visual content faster than words.

At the core of the infographic is the information – so make sure you have a solid and interesting bit of information to examine. Infographics should convey interesting facts that are arranged into a compelling story, whether it’s analyzing climate change or pitting coffee against tea. Good infographics concentrate on the important information, rather than including every piece of data.

It’s often the simplest themes that are the most enjoyable. A bit of wit also never hurts…


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