31 Aug 2017

Creativity in business

At Pure Creative, creativity is everything. It’s in our name, after all.

As a leading design agency in the creative capital of Cape Town, Pure Creative prides itself on channeling the Mother City’s buckets of creative energy. While we specialise in creative collateral, we think that creative thinking can be beneficial to any company.

Creativity is a vital component in making your business thrive. It’s what helps your customers and clients relate to you, whether you’re an accounting firm or an art gallery. Using creativity in your business identifies your company as being unique and innovative, ensuring better results.

Here’s a few more reasons why creativity matters:

  1. The creativity quotient

A study done by Adobe & Forrester Consulting found that 82% of companies believe there’s a relationship between business results and creativity, and they’re not wrong. Companies using creative thinking as a strategy surpass their competitors in revenue growth, market share and, not to mention, competitive leadership.

  1. Creativity is sparked by imagination and ideas.

Analogical thinking is pivotal in enhancing creativity, because an idea is ultimately a connection between one thing and another. Develop a scope for radical originality in your thinking. Doing this will assist you in creating a workspace that is open to risk-taking.

  1. Creative thinking begins with the company’s leadership.

Your business environment is incredibly important for the growth of your company. If your business consists of people who provide a safe, non-judgmental setting and can respect unfamiliar and different approaches, it increases you chance of thriving.

  1. Creative diversity is a winner.

If you’re battling with a problem, ask employees outside of the immediate team for some input. Brainstorming with diverse people means you can bounce ideas around while simultaneously nurturing an appreciation for unconventional thinking within your area of expertise.

  1. Your employees deserve humility.

You’re not working with robots. No one you work with will have the same personality or work style as someone else. As such, employees are inspired differently. Creative people are more likely to improvise, take risks, and not give up easily. As they tend to be stubborn, these people eventually acquire the skills necessary to make their own unique things from scratch. So, pay attention to how you learn when learning. The combination of playfulness and discipline is underrated. Whether you’re a creative agency or not.

Want to get creative? Give us a shout and we’ll help you think outside of the box.

words by Nicole Anne Bouwer


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