24 Nov 2017

Brand Infographics and UI design

One of the most distinctive trends in the design world in the past few years has been the flourishing world of infographics. Undoubtedly, infographics will continue to play a major role in 2018.

Perfectly primed for a low-on-time, information-drenched age, infographics incorporate complex information into a visual image. Instead of having regular text structured paragraph by paragraph, infographics adapt text into a visual style, using images and graphics.

Brands are taking their infographics so seriously that brand agencies like Pure Creative are being commissioned to develop complex infographic designs and content systems that match the brand’s identity. These systems are designed in such a distinctive way that they connotate the brand through visual language, making it not even necessary to show the logo. The brand’s look and feel basically speaks for itself.

Interactive Branded Infographics
As technology marches ahead, infographics are also advancing, making interactive infographics a popular option for showcasing branded content. Designers and developers can help companies visualise complex data into a single motion graphic, providing a dynamic user experience for the viewer.

The current drawback with this approach is loading speeds, plus the is the lack of support on the iPhone and iPad. Whilst a limitation, the engagement rate (up to 80&% more) can often outweigh this consideration and still create a very positive net effect.

Contact Pure Creative today,  and we can create stunning infographics to suit your company’s needs.

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