16 Sep 2016

Inspiring book cover designs we love

Understanding vast amounts of text and creating a visual summary for it is an extremely demanding and thought-provoking process.

The combination of enthralling minimalist typography, alluring photography and intricate hand-drawn illustrations, make for alluring books. The main aim is to accurately capture the book’s content, as well as grab readers’ attention. Here are book cover designs we adore and draw inspiration from.


The Children’s Home
Cover designed by Jaya Miceli


The Stargazer’s Sister
Cover designed by Oliver Munday


My Father the Pornographer
Cover designed by Jamie Keenan


Sex Object
Cover designed by Lynn Buckley


The Association of Small Bombs
Cover designed by Matt Vee


A Pillow Book
Cover designed by Alysia Shewchuk


Imagine Me Gone
Cover designed by Keith Hayes


American Girls
Cover designed by Philip Pascuzzo


The Girls
Cover designed by Peter Mendelsund with lettering by Jenny Pouech


The Mother
Cover designed by Roibin Bilardello


Cover designed by Alex Merto with artwork by Margriet Smulders


A Burglar’s Guide to the City
Cover designed by Nayon Cho


Hurt People
Cover designed by Donna Cheng


Tuesday Nights in 1980
Cover designed by Rodrigo Corral


The Vegetarian
Cover designed by Christopher Brand


Source: Paste Magazine

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