15 Nov 2014

The connected consumer’s cross-platform journey

The consumer has evolved into a new beast in the past decade. We’re no longer isolated souls wandering through the world with random decisions – rather we’re walking around constantly connected to the world.

Forrester Research recently conducted a survey to discover just how connected people are today. Their conclusion was that not only are we completely connected through a multitude of devices, but that these devices create a new marketing strategy: the new path to purchase.

Their survey in the US found that no single device is dominating when it came to engaging with the purchasing process, giving brands that opportunity to connect almost anywhere. Many consumers will interact with brands through several different devices; however some do gravitate towards bigger devices for the final purchase.

“Digital channels are the key way in which connected customers first find out about a new product, surpassing offline ways by more than two to one…” the New Path to Purchase Forrester report says. “Specifically, two-thirds of customers cited digital resources as their source of product discovery…. some digital channels alone trump all offline channels combined: One-third of consumers cited search engines as their discovery resource.”

With this information, it’s obvious how essential it is that brands address multiple device usage when appealing to their consumers.

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