17 Jan 2014

Agency-aided content marketing

If you want to produce content that is high quality and completely in keeping with your brand values then you need to call the experts in. Either get someone with experience, or even better call in an agency.

In fact from a company perspective though there are many other good reasons to work with an agency. Here are five.

1. There is credibility in using an agency
It might sound obvious, but using an agency reflects very positively on your brand. It shows you are serious about what you are doing. You acknowledge that in order to get the possible results for your content marketing you need to work with professionals. Many of the world’s best brands work with agencies to ensure they get the best results. Agencies give your brand a degree of credibility.

2. You get a different perspective on your business
One of the big pluses of working with agencies is that they may see things about your brand and your business that are not obvious to you. In delivering a content marketing strategy they might also suggest things about your business that you may not have been aware of or may have overlooked. An untainted, sympathetic pair of eyes on your brand and its marketing direction can be worth its weight in gold.

3. Your team will learn new skills from the experience
There is a degree of responsibility in bringing an agency on board. Someone has to own that relationship internally and work with the agency. It is a key new skill which may prove to be useful to both the individual and the company as time goes by.

4. Consider the opportunity costs
From an internal perspective one very good reason for a brand not to undertake their own content marketing, especially if they have little or no experience in this area, is the opportunity cost. Might it make more sense for your staff to focus on their core activities, the key skills that brought them into your company in the first place, than undertake tasks that they might not really be suited for?

5. An opportunity to create new partnerships
The staff in the agency may act as a conduit to introduce your company to new people who may prove very useful to your business. For example they may also be working for other brands that are complimentary to your business. Sometimes bringing brands together may prove to be very beneficial for everyone.

Source: CMA



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