18 Jul 2011

Print vs Digital

In the modern world, it’s tempting to move everything to the internet. It’s cheaper, it’s easier to modify, and it reaches so many more people, the champions of digital argue. All true. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t have the daily access to smartphones, PCs and tablet computers, particularly in South Africa.

The non-tech market isn’t to be ignored. Think about it, what do your parents or your grandparents do when they need to buy a new washing machine or TV? They visit the shops, and chat to the sales people. They’ll take home any brochures offered to them, and peruse them at their leisure at home. They may even read through a magazine or two, and note down the numbers of the shops advertising. For these people, print is in no way dead. They do not want to research everything on the internet, download brochures, and watch YouTube videos. This market wants something they can trust, something they can refer to, something they can show their families. Something tangible, in print.

If your market is the non-tech one, the one who hasn’t yet made their way into the technical world, give us a call. We can help you put together a sales brochure you’ll be proud of, a business card you’ll want to hand out, and posters that will sell your product better than you can yourself.

Printing Processes