26 Jun 2012

How Responsive Web Design Works for Your Website

Does your website have responsive web design features? What is responsive web design anyway?

Quite simply, responsive webm design renders your website in a usable format on multiple media devices by adapting content layouts to various screen sizes. With the growing number of smartphone and tablet users these days, it’s all the more important you incorporate usability into your website.

Here at PURE, we take pride in being mobile and web-design savvy. Everything we do is offered in multiple media formats – even if it’s a print publication, we offer online and tablet-viewable versions, as well as mobisites. Our websites are equally adaptable, as we truly believe in that the mobile device revolution is the future.

So when it comes to website design, we want to ensure that your beautiful layouts stay fluid and easy to display no matter what they’re viewed on. Responsive web design involves a whole new way of approaching web design, avoiding blocky style sheets and instead making pages more fluid and beautiful. Responsive web design optimises best functionality practices on a  website, ensuring users can enjoy your website no matter where they’re viewing it from.


Here are five things to take into account when designing a website:

  1. Stay away from out-dated design: Responsive web design looks much more elegant than static web page elements.
  2. Understand the pros and cons: Know which kind of web design works for what.
  3. Stay trendy: Web design is constantly evolving. From CSS transitions to design enhancements, update your site regularly.
  4. Hire a guru: Find a web designer who knows how to overcome special challenges like pages that can’t conform to multiple screens, sizes and devices.
  5. Use graphs: Unlike data tables that distorts when screens change this format allows users to read your graphs on any size screen.

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