26 Jul 2012

Basic Web Readability Mistakes You Can Avoid

Designing a web page is not only about adding images and colors, but also about maintaining readability. You can have the sleekest web page in the world and still have no return visitors without readable content.

It is essentially important that you avoid making mistakes that will damage your site’s readability. That is why we are going to go over several basic mistakes even avid web designers still make and how to avoid them.

Using the right color combination when it comes to displaying text is very important. Of course, the color combination should be suitable for text and make reading them very easy. You must also set different color for links; most web designers make the mistake of using the same color for links, making navigating through the site very difficult.

If you are displaying long block of text, you can increase the line spacing to increase readability. Seeing a page crammed with text contents will send users away looking for other sources immediately, but with proper line spacing they will definitely stay and read. Use simple CSS code to achieve this.

It is important to prove your point, but never use ALL CAPS too much in a page. You can see how the phrase “All Caps” in the previous sentence stands out from the rest, right? Use it sparingly to emphasize important points only. Another classic mistake when it comes to emphasizing is using more than one exclamation mark. It will instantly make your well-designed site look unprofessional.

Article by www.webdesignpower.com

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