19 Sep 2012

3 Simple Steps To Turn A Brand Into A Luxury Brand

If you ask colleagues and friends what would they do if they found themselves full of money from one moment to the next, many of them would speak about Ferrari, wonderful houses, travels and how it would be nice not to worry about anything. The truth is that nowadays the biggest luxury is simply doing what you want, with no money and above all spare time restrictions, free to live and dream.We have been persisting for years in thinking that: Excellent product + high price = luxury brand.

What is the trick that makes a brand turn into a luxury one?

1. Clear and certified identity: A bmw is a bmw in all its parts, it’s conceived and realised in relation to the “driving pleasure”, each component, each strategic choice, each sales and marketing activity is an inescapable deal with this mission. It’s not simply a good car with a price considerably higher than average, it’s something more genuine, an identity showing the car creators’ “cult” for their own brand values.

2. Power to make dream: For a boat, besides metres, valuable materials and price what it’s worth is its power to make people dream and, although for many people the same boat can be a dream, a luxury shipyard must create much more than an excellent and expensive product, it must make its customers live a unique experience, that’s why, in my opinion, who sells Yachts must develop first of all the post-sales and the customer management during the product life cycle, the rest is simply necessary!

3. Strategic creativity: Although designers and creatives are the luxury brand soul, the secret is finding the right trade-off between who would follow thousand paths more and who would stay the same in the name of his own values, forgetting demands and market trends.

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Image taken from: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/bmw_city?size=_original

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