22 May 2012

10 Essentials of Effective Logo Design

A logo comprises your public image in one graphic symbol – so its design is critical. PURE understands that effective logos can invoke immediate recognition, admiration, customer loyalty, trust and superiority. The question is: do your logos achieve this?

Here are 10 essential elements of effective logo design that help create a powerful logo:

1. Preliminary Sketches – Brainstorm ideas by putting the initial look and feel to paper.

2. Research – Find a design style that is appropriate for the brand, looking at how other similar companies approach their style.

3. Knowledge – Look at what logo designs have worked and not worked in the past.

4. Originality – Create something unique and intelligent that stands out.

5. Simplicity – Create a simple yet clever eye-catching design.

6. Typography – The look and feel of the lettering can make or break a logo. Be sure to avoid commonly used fonts, and try many different font families.

image by sergeyshapiro.com

7. Timeless Quality – Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola can be regarded as the epitome of timeless quality logos.

8. Right Size and Colours – Make sure that your logo doesn’t have any distortions and its colours are relevant.

9. Appropriateness – Your logo design should suit the company and portray its brand essence. For instance, if you’re an eco brand, make sure that the brand reflects that.

10. Recognition – No matter if it’s small or large, whether it’s inverted or in black and white, consumers must be able to easily recognise  your logo.


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