28 Jul 2023

Website Design for Luxury Wine Estate

Design and develop a new website for luxury wine estate including UX/UI design, e-commerce and content platform

  • Website Design
  • Digital Design
  • UX / UI Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Copywriting
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Content Production
  • Website Development

UX/UI Design, typography, colour and functionality unite:

As part of a complex rebrand for the luxury wine estate DeToren, the PURE Creative team were tasked to design and develop their new website. The creative team designed a neoclassical aesthetic that fuses sharp, clean and bold modern components with classical ornamentation and elegant typography. This was complimented with delicate illustrations and rich textures to provide sophistication and depth. Modern charcoal grey tones married with warm beige and gold hues provide a rich and moody aesthetic with careful balance and contrast. Bespoke photography and art direction with colour-grading inspired by 20th-century vintage tintype photography. Animations and parallax effects provide depth and a silk-like feel to interactions without being overly demanding.


The new website delivers an improved user experience by implementing the latest in design, functionality and technology. By factoring in the needs of the user, a revised booking system, along with a content hub to deliver relevant content. Ultimately, catering to a full spectrum of visitors, from wine enthusiasts to wine connoisseurs. The easy-to-use e-commerce store allows users to locate their favourite wine, complete with tasting notes and valuable information. The website is fully integrated with an email system to help keep our customers up to date on the latest promotions and offers – straight from the cellar to your inbox.


The new website is fully responsive ensuring easy, convenient access from any device, from mobile phones to desktop computers. and everything in-between. Individual pages, namely The Estate, Terroir, Journal Exceptional and Experiences, are designed to provide a richly interactive user experience shaped to take users on a journey that tells the fascinating story of the estate and the unique philosophy and approach of the winemakers.

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